KPOP LUX London Postponed


Event Information

General Information

KPOP.LUX in Madrid – Saturday 22nd July 2023

Get Ready to Sizzle this Summer with the Hottest K-Pop Concert in Madrid!

Prepare for an electrifying night of music and entertainment at the Civitas Metropolitano Stadium as KPOP LUX and L.A. Rock Entertainment team up to present the KPOP LUX SBS Super Concert in Madrid in partnership with SBS. Not only is it a chance to see several phenomenal K- pop acts on one stage, but also an opportunity to experience a lineup that has never before performed together.

  • Full Lineup - SHINee, ENHYPEN, ATEEZ, IVE, STAYC, CRAVITY, xikers

  • Concert date - Saturday 22nd July 2023 

  • Venue - Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid, Spain

  • Minimum three hours of live entertainment

How to get there

Civitas Metropolitano is a well connected to the public transport network and is easily accessible by:

I am coming by car

  • Exit 9A from M-40 road
  • Exit Arcentales from M-40 road
  • Exit 8 from A-2 road
  • Canillejas Avenue to Vicálvaro
  • Or the vast boulevards from Las Rosas neighbourhood  

Parking’s located near the stadium will offer access to people who has a ticket for the concert or are subscribed to stadium and have a subscription card.

The schedule will start 4 hours before the beginning of the event and will end up to 2 hours after it ends. No car will have access to the parking lot unless you have a ticket to the concert or subscription card to the stadium.

I am coming by Subway

We recommend you use the subway to get to the stadium as it is the easiest way. The nearest stop is “Estadio Metropolitano”, (line 7). But you can also get to the stadium from the stops “Las Rosas” (line 2) and “Canillejas” (line 5) that have a 15-minute walk distance from the stadium.

I come by Bus

The city buses that will bring you to the stadium are: 28, 38, 48, 140, E2 and SE

The intercity buses that will bring you to the stadium are: 286, 288 and 289.

Where should I wait with my car to pick someone up/drop them off?

You will be able to find parking lots surrounding the stadium where you would be able to drop or pick someone up. You will also be able to find meeting spots.

Ticket Prices & Seating

KPOP LUX Madrid Ticket Prices and Seating

General Admission: 150€ (+ fees)

Front Stage: 200€ (+fees)

Gold: 225€ (+fees)

VIP: 250€ (+fees)

Grade 1: 175€ (+fees)

Grade 2: 150€ (+fees)

Grade 3: 90€ (+fees)

Grade 4: 75€ (+fees)

Grade 5: 50€ (+fees)

I have a problem with my ticket. Contact person for ticket enquiries and issues.

For inquiries regarding the tickets you will need to contact Ticketmaster- or 932 514 228. This number will be available from Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 7pm.


What do I need for admission?

In order to get access to the festival, you will need to have your ticket ready. This ticket can be printed, or displayed on your phone, showing the QR Code. There are NO printers at the gates so please ensure you have your ticket ready before you arrive.

What is the minimum age for admission to the festival?

People under 16 won't be allowed in without an adult. (Parent or legal tutor)


We understand you have many questions due to the excitement building up for the show! Stay tuned as we tackle some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Lightsticks: Absolutely! Feel free to bring your batteries - it wouldn't make sense otherwise. Come to the show and make your lightstick shine in the best way possible! 

Water Bottles: You're allowed to bring a 500ml water bottle per person into the stadium. Feel free to refill it in the restrooms. Additionally, our on-site restaurants will be at your disposal for purchasing all the water you need.

Food: As previously announced, you're allowed to bring your own sandwiches, energy bars, or specific foods if you're diabetic or celiac. Please ensure your food isn't in glass or plastic containers. Rest assured, there will also be cafeterias inside the stadium where you can purchase any additional food you may need.

Access: Your ticket includes a door number, which is the specific entry point you'll use to access the stadium. You can only enter the stadium through this door. Please check the map to locate your access door.

Every access will have a queue for access the stadium, in some cases you don’t need to arrive hours early. If you have a seat ticket no one is going take it from you.

The access to the stadium platform will open at 8.00 in the morning, so we recommend you not to come before because it won’t help you to access before that time.

You are asking about your outfit, since you won’t come with sharp things or chains on it, you can come as you like.

The timing, for those who have bought your parking ticket it will be available at 14.00 until 1.30 in the morning, for those who have bought merchandise you can collect it from 14.30 to 21.00 in the mark point on the map.

The Access for the fans will be open since the 17.00 until the 22.00, if come after that time look after an open door and the staff on the door will help you to gain access.

The official preshow starts at 20.00. Before that time you will have some entertainment and the main live show will start at 21.00

For those who have bought VIP tickets we will give you a lanyard once you access the stadium trough your rail announces on your door.

The organization is not going to do any kind of numbering system to organize the queue, sorry but that is not our job, we provide a safe access for everyone in the mixed areas, in the seat tickets you don’t need to be queuing.

Bathrooms, there are bathroom in the FOS area and in the pista general like in every other concert, and for the rest of the stadium you got the stadium bathrooms available.

All bars and cafeterias within the stadium will be open and accessible during the concert. This includes various locations throughout the stadium, as well as in the FOS and Pista areas.

The merchandise stands will open at 14:30. They will be available both inside and outside the venue.

Please be aware of unofficial blogs, as they may provide misleading information and cause confusion. Always refer to our official communications for accurate updates.

Lockers: We understand that many attendees, especially those travelling from outside Madrid, might have backpacks or items that aren't permitted in the stadium. For this reason, we provide free lockers at the stadium where you can safely store these items. The lockers will be available from 2:00 and their location is marked on the map.

Ticket Offices: They will be open from 2:00 p.m. on the day of the concert. If you still haven't got your ticket, please remember that availability is limited as most areas are already sold out. 

Caution: If you've purchased your ticket from a platform other than TICKETMASTER, there's a risk it could be counterfeit. Be wary of tickets purchased from sites like VIAGOGO or similar platforms, as they could potentially cause disappointment. Avoid buying tickets from unknown sources.

For those who are coming by car and have not yet purchased parking, we strongly recommend that you do so via the Ticketmaster page. Authorities will only permit access to the vicinity if you have a pre-booked parking space.

If you've purchased a PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) ticket, please head to the access point indicated on your ticket. If you need assistance getting to your seat, we are more than happy to help.